What we can do for you?

Event Security / Crowd Control

Our event security is highly trained specializing in early incident detection, conflict resolution, safe evictions and customer service.

● Festivals / concerts ● Sports / mixed martial arts ● University / high school / formals / award ceremonies / graduations / grad camping ● Weddings / receptions ● Private / public parties ● After parties ● Ticket sales / coat room

Security Guard Services

Third Watch provides clients with both short and long-term security services tailored to their needs. We employ highly trained, professional guards who stand ready to meet all the S.O.P(standard operating procedures) requirements set out in front of them. Covering everything from plain clothes, uniformed, dress suit or patrol. We provide security services for private property, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, shopping centres, gated communities, warehouses, restaurants, construction sites, car lots, over night protection, and fire watch. Third watch staff will protect your property, staff and clients.

Investigation Services


Do you have a feeling your spouse might be cheating on you? Third Watch investigators will find out the truth. Always 100% confidential, our staff are trained to be discreet and and get the facts for you.


Our surveillance services include. Teen watch. Find out what they are really up to when they are not home. Employee dishonesty. Are they stealing from you, maybe clocking in hours not worked.


Industrial and corporate espionage are a growing trend. Third Watch investigators will utilize the latest in technology and surveillance to ensure your company ands its secrets stay that way.


Elder abuse is a growing concern for a lot of families who have loved ones under someone else’s care. Wether at your residence or an off site care home, Third Watch will get you the answers you are looking for.


If you have any suspicions about how your children are being treated. We use the latest technology to find out what is really happening, and get you your answers.


If you think someone has hacked your computer and or copied your sensitive information accessed your email, security and protection of your personal and corporate information could have been stolen. We also provide none destructive computer forensics and recovery.


Employee injuries are of great concern, But there are some who try to lie about them. If you have any concerns we can get the answers you are looking for.


Companies down sizing, lay offs, multiple terminations, contract dispute, picket lines. Our trained investigators will always be there to capture video and document all areas of concern while keeping their distance. All our security personal will be there for visual deterrence and to allow approved access control. Employee screening, drug testing.

Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol division provides on site check-ups including. Checking that all access points are secure. Making sure there is no new damage or vandalism to the property. Alarm response (securing till police arrive). Visual deterrence. Full reports including photos when required.