Our Team

Jay Carew

Regional & Event Manager

After years of working in the security industry and noting the inconsistencies in training and professionalism within various agencies, Jason was determined to provide a service that exemplifies the positive attributes, integrity, work ethic, and deportment, that all concerned client’s are searching for in this day and age. This led to the start of Third Watch Security and Investigations inc. Now more then a decade later, Jason's dream is a reality. Surrounding himself with associates and employees of like mind, Third Watch has earned its reputation as a go to security company, Well respected within the security world. keeping the clients peace of mind with service second to none.


Heather Carew

Office & Human Resources Manager

With many years running the third watch office as client contact, Human Resources, scheduling and employee evaluation, heather has taken on a lot more roles including second in charge, out in the field event security supervisor, set up, deployment and client satisfaction.